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About Our Products

We carry only the best and most available products in our industry. All product lines are tested and deemed reliable by countless laboratories, research facilities, and manufacturing plants world wide. We carefully evaluate feedback to ensure that the products we carry meet and exceed industry standards.

Product Lines

If accuracy, stability, and dependability are crucial to the quality and productivity of your vacuum processes, MKS Instruments, Granville-Phillips® is your first choice.
Applications include ultra-high vacuum generation for semiconductor process equipment, rapid water vapor cryo-pumping for display and other vacuum coating equipment, closed loop cryogenic refrigeration systems, large scale vacuum chambers for space simulation, and small scale R&D applications for vacuum and temperature control.
Brooks supplies best-in-class automation solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, clean energy, life science drug discovery, biobanking and related markets. All Brooks products are backed by a highly responsive global service network to help optimize uptime, improve time to market and achieve superior value for lower total cost of ownership.
Brooks Polycold brings new levels of efficiency and reliability to demanding applications such as high-resolution digital imaging, analytical chemistry, life sciences, materials analysis, semiconductor inspection, scientific research and water vapor cryotrapping.
SCI Engineered Materials is a global supplier of advanced materials for PVD Thin Film applications. Through partnerships with end users and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), SCI develops innovative and customized solutions enabling commercial success.
Agilent Vacuum is a one stop, truly Global Vacuum Supplier with a complete range of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, components and accessories to create, control, maintain and measure vacuum.
For over 40 years, HVA has been building the highest quality, best engineered vacuum valves in the industry. HVA stands for quality, engineering, customization, and service. HVA’s management and employees are committed to deliver on time, technologically advanced products, that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. We are a U.S. supplier with a global perspective.